About Us

RIGE is dedicated to empowering young girls and women through psychosocial support.

Our Mission

To build the capacity of young women and enable them to fully achieve their goals in life.

Our Vision

To ensure full realization of women’s potential.

“Our goal is to support the realization of women potential and attainment of great goals.”

Ree Inspiration for Girl Child Empowerment (RIGE) is a youth led and women-based organisation, established in 2019. RIGE is dedicated to empowering young girls and women through psychosocial support and addressing issues that may threaten their cognitive wellbeing and further impedes their development. The organisation will also expose girls and women to intellectual programs that aid their development. RIGE is basically inspired to support several Sustainable Developmental Goals (vision 2030) which include: SDG1, which talks about poverty production, SDG3 which supports good health and wellbeing, SDG4 which advocates for inclusive and equitable quality education, SDG5 which talks about gender equality, SDG 8 which is based on reduced inequalities as well as SDG17 which talks about partnerships for goals.
RIGE rallies behind the attainment of vision 2063 as it focuses on addressing the fulfilment of the 7 AU aspirations and most of the African Union goals to be achieved by 2063. The Trust is also focused on fulfilling and supporting all the Zimbabwean government initiatives aimed at supporting girls and women as enshrined in the constitution. RIGE was registered to operate as a trust in November 2020. The Trust will provide an empowerment framework that will enhance full realization of women’s potential. It has a major thrust to empower women and address issues that affect them through cognitive empowerment, sexual reproductive and health rights education and advocacy, entrepreneurship capacity building as well as self-care and wellbeing enhancement.


The Trust was founded by an educationist, sport scientist and philanthropist, Rita Tiriboyi. As a young gender advocate and a victim of PHD (pull her down) syndrome as she was growing up, Rita realised the great damages that can be done to human and more specifically women psychology. She acknowledges that all children are born with vital potential accompanied with great levels of self-esteem that helps them to reach the self-actualisation stages in life, that is, the greatest achievement that makes one very happy and satisfied. However, what a child goes through while growing up may destroy this potential. Manipulation of a human mind through abuse, exploitation or negligence of certain rights can surely lead to psychological trauma which automatically damages the self-esteem. As a result, people will lose self-confidence and lose hope over pursuing and exploring their potential.

RIGE was then formed from this basis, and it will focus more on girls and young women after realising that they are the most vulnerable to this cognitive damage since they are most emotional beings. RIGE seeks to liberate the girls’ and young women’s minds so that they focus more on achieving their dreams despite any negative circumstances they may find themselves in.