Thematic Areas

Cognitive Empowerment

This will be done to ensure the girls and young women regain their self esteem and confidence. As such they will have the capacity to explore their potential. This will also stimulate their intrinsic desire to pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals. Counseling sessions, psychosocial support, an address of issues affecting the girls and young women as well as access to education coupled with career capacity building will help to achieve this.

Sexual reproductive and Health Rights

The organization will provide education and advocate for sexual reproductive and health rights which affect girls and women mostly. The organization will pay special attention to issues such as teen pregnancy and abortion, child marriages, menstrual health, access to general health and family planning services amongst other issues. An address of these issues will help regain the women confidence. Symposiums, dialogues, donation of health products and stakeholder engagement will be done to reinforce this.


The organization also noted that, women and girls may need to be economically empowered in order for them to stand up on their own and thrive towards achievement of their life’s goals. Hence, it will avail a platform for entrepreneurship capacity building. This will most be characterized by training workshops and networking them to their potential market or development partners.

Self-care and Wellbeing

In addition to cognitive development, the organization also values self care and wellbeing as an important tool for development. It is important for women and girls to be in the right mental health state as well as possessing fair fitness levels for them to effectively achieve their goals in life. It is in this regard that the organization will create sessions that promote self care and facilitate activities that will support their well-being. For example, self care workshops and discussions will be arranged whereas sport galas, festivals and competitions will also be organized.